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Troop meetings, Den meetings, outings. Easily manage your events and keep your unit informed with reminders and text messages.


Built for your mobile devices from the ground up. Pinching and zooming is for nerds. Enjoy text you can read, maps you can see, and forms you can enter.


We know how to build websites, and how to make and keep them fast. Get into and, get what you want, and get outside!


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Easy Messaging

Send emails or text messages only to those who are attending an event... with just one click.

Import from Scoutlander

Import all your Scouts, adults, events, and more. Users will have to generate a new password for their account. But don't worry, we'll walk you through everything step-by-step.

Health Forms

Just enter the date your health forms were signed, will do the rest. Automatically show if a Scout needs a new health form for a particular event. Also shows you the status of all adults and Scouts in your unit.

Event Rosters

Would like a list of all the Scouts attending your event? With emergency contact info? Health form status? Activity consent form status? Print it or checkit online. Everything you need to know on one page.


Quicky see who has seats and who needs a ride.

About grew out of the need of BS Troop 603 to manage Scouts and their activities, using modern technology, keeping things simple and efficient. Developed by a Scoutmaster and long time Scouter, who just happens to engineer web sites for a living. was built from the top, down, with speed, security, but most importantly ease-of-use. Face it, if if a web site is not easy to use, you won't use it.

Get Started Now Soon is almost ready for everyone to join. But first, we need a few Troops, Packs, or Crews to kick the tires and let us know what they like, and changes they would like to see.

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